Wonderlic Test FAQ

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How long is the Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic test is twelve minutes long. Test takers are to finish as many of the 50 questions as possible within 50 minutes. Only two to three percent of people finish all of the questions in the allotted time.

What is the average score on the Wonderlic test?

According to the Wonderlic organization, the average score on the test is 20 correct out of 50.

Can you use a calculator for the Wonderlic test?

No, calculators are not allowed on the Wonderlic test, so it’s good to brush up on your pencil and paper math skills before you take the test.

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Where can I take the official Wonderlic test?

To get an official Wonderlic test, it must be obtained from Wonderlic, Inc. Most people are exposed to the Wonderlic test as part of a job or school application process to assess an applicant’s cognitive abilities.

Is the Wonderlic test the same test that NFL players take?

Yes. NFL players looking to enter the NFL Draft take the Wonderlic test. The NFL is the most famous organization that has used the Wonderlic as part of their player evaluation process during the annual NFL draft. Each year it seems that severalĀ player scores get leaked to the press often to much fanfare. The lowest notable score on the Wonderlic test was by Morris Claiborne, who scored a 4 in the 2012 NFL draft. The highest score in the history of NFL was by Pat McInally, who scored 50 in the 1975 NFL draft.

What are the Wonderlic Test Types?

There are several available tests provided by Wonderlic, which are primarily administered to students or job seekers. While there are many tests provided by Wonderlic, here are several of the most popular versions.

For Students

Scholastic Level Exam

The Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is used by schools and universities to assist with predicting academic outcomes for prospective or current students. This helps supplement other student body outcome statistics like GPA, transfer rates, student loan defaults, job placement rates, and graduation rates.

The test can be administered either as the traditional Scholastic Level Exam (50 questions in 12 minutes) or as the Quicktest version (30 questions in 8 minutes). The quicktest is not proctored and can be taken from any location, while the traditional version is proctored.

Test questions are comprised of mathematic reasoning, reading comprehension, word matching, and spatial comprehension questions.

{Sample Scholastic Level Exam Test Questions}

For Job Seekers

Personnel Test

The Wonderlic Personnel test is typically administered to job candidates during the application process. The test provides the employer with information about a job candidateā€™s ability to learn, apply knowledge, understand instructions, and solve problems. The test also measures their perceived future satisfaction with a specific job, which helps a company avoid mis-hires.

Questions are administered online and the candidate has 12 minutes to complete the 50 question test. Test questions are comprised of mathematic reasoning, reading comprehension, word matching, and spatial comprehension questions.

{Sample Personnel Test Questions}

For Both

Basic Skills Test

The Basic Skills Test is offered to both job seekers and students as a longer than typical version of the traditional Wonderlic test. It is designed for students and job seekers that will require communication and mathematic skills on an ongoing basis to succeed.

The Basic Skills test focuses on assessing math and verbal knowledge, and divides the test into 45 math and 50 verbal questions. 20 minutes is given to complete each section of the test.

Test questions are comprised of information retrieval, word knowledge, and sentence construction questions.

{Sample Basic Skills Test Questions}