Wonderlic Scores, Pros vs. Joes Infographic

If you’ve ever sat on the couch and wondered what your favorite football player might be doing with their life if they hadn’t gotten drafted, you’re not alone. With a mountain of information available about how NFL players have scored on the Wonderlic, we thought it would be interesting to see how the average positional scores stacked up to scores of average Joes with more standard types of jobs. Some of the results might surprise you.

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Wonderlic Test Scores Infographic Pros vs. Joes

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Wonderlic Scores Pros vs. Joes

Each year NFL prospects take the Wonderlic Test before the draft as teams use it to assess a player’s ability to quickly make decisions and process information. Similarly, many employers use the test to see if a potential employee has the same skills needed to fill various positions in their companies. We compared the average scores and salaries of more standard professions to the average scores of various NFL positions.

Average Score Career Average Salary NFL Position Average Salary % Difference
26 Electronics Technician  $             49,134 Offensive Tackle  $        2,858,970 5719%
25 Salesperson  $             42,167 Center  $        2,097,399 4874%
24 Secretary  $             31,067 Quarterback  $        6,621,918 21215%
23 Dispatcher  $             42,934 Guard  $        2,235,092 5106%
22 Bank teller  $             25,182 Tight End  $        1,973,466 7737%
18 Craftsman  $             44,784 Cornerback  $        2,313,408 5066%
17 Security guard  $             28,006 Wide receiver  $        2,105,856 7419%
17 Welder  $             45,946 Fullback  $        1,104,115 2303%


For the record, safeties and linebackers scored a 19 on average and halfbacks scored a 16, but no data was available of professions that matched those positions exactly.

The above numbers are merely a sample of the career information available, so it seemed like it might make sense to look at individual players and see how their scores stacked up against other careers to see what jobs they might be suited for outside of football.

Can you imagine…
{insert a picture or illustration of someone of each profession next to each player and score}

  • Matt Ryan the Systems Analyst? (score of 32)
  • J. Watt the Chemist? (31)
  • Russell Wilson the Accountant? (28)
  • Clay Matthews the Librarian? (27)
  • Cam Newton the Cashier? (21)
  • Amari Cooper the Firefighter? (21)
  • Kahlil Mack the Security Guard? (17)


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Career data: http://www.payscale.com