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Okay so maybe his first name isn’t authentic, but his presence at defensive end is. Taco Charlton earned first team All-Big Ten honors in 2016, racking up 9.5 sacks with 13 total tackles for loss. Charlton packs a punch with an impressive blend of size, length, and athleticism coming off the end. The scariest part for NFL offensive lineman is that he’s still not done growing. He’s extremely quick off the ball, and can put lineman on their heels in a hurry on his way into the backfield.

In the new age of NFL football, defensive linemen don’t just have to be strong, fast and athletic. They also need to be smart. That’s why people are paying closer attention to Wonderlic scores on the defensive side of football. Taco Charlton reportedly scored a 22 on the Wonderlic test, which is slightly above average when compared to other Wonderlic test scores of his position.

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Rushers with size and athleticism like Charlton’s usually go toward the very top of the draft. But scouts have been unimpressed with the unevenness of Charlton’s performance with the Wolverines. He didn’t become a full-time starter until his junior season, and he definitely still has work to do in the weight room. This has led scouts to refer to Charlton as inconsistent, which has sunk his draft stock and has most projecting him as a late first-rounder. Wonderlic test scores for Charlton will be of the utmost importance for NFL scouts, who will be interested to see his coachability, bringing out his most talented side on a more consistent basis.

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The Wonderlic test is a cognitive ability test designed to evaluate a person’s ability to quickly take given information and provide a successful response to a problem. Test takers only have 12 minutes to complete the 50 question test, which consists of word matching, mathematics problems and grammar questions. Most people who do poorly on the test are able to solve the questions correctly – they just cannot come to a correct answer fast enough.

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