T.J. Watt Wonderlic Score

Looking for the T.J. Watt Wonderlic test score? We have it! T.J. Watt reportedly scored a solid 29 on the Wonderlic test. That makes him tied for the top score among linebackers in this year’s NFL draft. Watt’s Wonderlic score ranks him as one of the smartest defensive players in the 2017 draft, but the big question is whether or not NFL scouts and GMs will care.

NFL scouts seem uncertain as to where he will fit in on an NFL defense, as he’s a bit of a tweener in terms of his physical build unlike his physically larger brother J.J. While the position T.J. Watt will play in the NFL isn’t quite certain, there’s a lot to like about him in terms of overall physical skill set.

With NFL games becoming more and more like a chess match, it is important to have defensive players that can quickly recognize and respond to changes on the offensive side of the game. Players like Richard Sherman have proved that speed and agility are important, but efficiency and intelligence on the football field are also critical.

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Want to learn a bit more about the Wonderlic test, follow this link or click the banner below to try the test for yourself. If you’re curious to learn a bit more about the younger brother of NFL players Derek and J.J. Watt, here’s the lowdown: T.J. Watt declared  early for the draft after this past season’s Cotton Bowl win against Western Michigan. While at Wisconsin Watt showed improvement each season, culminating with an excellent 2016 where he led a dominating Wisconsin defense to a top 10 finish while amassing 11.5 sacks an interception and two forced fumbles.

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While we patiently wait for the T.J. Watt Wonderlic score to become public, bide your time with some easy reading about Mr. Watt.

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T.J. Watt is not alone as a coveted prospect in the 2017 draft, here are several other highly rated defenders likely to come off the board early.

Be sure to check back in for more updates on T.J. Watt’s Wonderlic test score and how it compares to his overall draft position and comparisons to other defensive players in the 2017 NFL draft.