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It’s truly incredible the kind of talent is churned out of Tuscaloosa annually. O.J. Howard is another one in the Alabama program that has caught a lot of folks’ attention, particularly when he went off for 208 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the 2015 National Championship Game. At 6’6″ and 249 LBS, Howard is a truly gifted tight end, and his stats coming out of the NFL Combine, proved has both the physical and metal talent to make it in the NFL.

O.J. Howard’s Wonderlic test score of 27 is a solid stat that shouldn’t worry any scouts. A 27 is above average for the tight end position and should not affect his draft position. In facdt, of the top TE talents in this year’s draft, which there are many, only Jake Butt scored higher on the Wonderlic with a score of 32.

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O.J. Howard’s combination of massive hands and extraordinary speed for a TE make him a great target for any NFL QB. He’s known for big after-the-catch ability, as linebackers have no chance when matched up against him in the open field.

Howard may, however, struggle as a blocking tight end at the next level. He appeared passive as a blocker at Alabama, and some question his conviction to play football for a living. Another head-scratcher is just how come Howard was never a huge factor in the 2016 offense after a breakout 2015 season. Howard recorded just 595 receiving yards and three TD his last year there, hinting there may have been something going on behind the scenes between he and the coaching staff. But either way, you can’t argue with his raw physical talent, and it will be interesting to see what kind of Wonderlic test scores OJ Howard comes up with.

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Learn More About the Wonderlic Test

The infamous Wonderlic test has been around since the 1930s as a way for academic institutions and companies to assess the talent of job applicants and potential students applying to their organization. It is still primarily used for that purpose today, and it essentially helps these companies and colleges weed out applicants to a more manageable size.
The test contains mostly mathematics problems and word matching and paragraph comprehension questions. Many say it is a quick and simple version of an IQ test. However unlike an IQ test that designed to be a measure of intelligence, the Wonderlic is designed to evaluate a person’s ability to follow directions and learn quickly. That makes a lot of sense in today’s NFL where play calling and recognizing your opponent’s strategy is critical to on field success.
As a top draft prospect, we will be closely monitoring OJ Howard’s activity at the NFL Scouting Combine and report his Wonderlic test score as soon as it is released. For now, feel free to take a free Wonderlic sample test to see how well you would do on the Wonderlic test.
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