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Projected as a mid-first-rounder, Williams overcame a brutal fractured neck injury in 2014 to come back as a prolific wideout for the eventual national champs. NFL scouts salivate over Williams’ blend of size, strength, and speed. He can beat a defensive back downfield, can out-muscle them at the line, and has quick enough feet to sell a deep route before a quick turn against backpedaling defensive backs. His length is a big plus as well, allowing him to go get throws at their peak over smaller defenders. He also tracks all types of throws well, and can locate a ball with a deadly quickness.

All of these traits make his time at the NFL Combine a big talking point among fans and scouts. Mike Williams’ Wonderlic test score of 17 may cast some shadows or doubts leading up to the NFL draft. While a 17 is not terrible, it is below average for wide receivers. With more complex offensive playbooks and defensive schemes, more NFL scouts may realize that it is important to have a wide receivers who can quickly respond to new changes and developments when on the field.

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The knock on Williams has been his focus issues, which plagued him a bit in the latter half of the 2016 season. Drops became a bit of an issue, and his routes became a little less defined, with a decline in energy as well. Given this trend, we will notify you on his Wonderlic test scores, which will be crucial in determining his aptitude for success at the next level. But in any case, its hard to argue with the 1,000-yard-plus season he put up, reeling in 10 touchdowns as a member of the first team All-ACC.

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