Josh Rosen Wonderlic Test Score

Josh Rosen UCLAFrom being a high school All-American to being a stand-out quarterback at UCLA, Josh Rosen seems to be going places.

Wonderlic scores from the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine have been released, and it is reported that Josh Rosen scored a 29 on the Wonderlic test.

You can get a sense for how tough the Wonderlic test is for these players by taking our sample test. Just click the “Start Test” button to begin. You can also see our huge list of Wonderlic test scores from past players as well as this year’s Wonderlic scores from the 2018 draft class.

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2018 QB Wonderlic Scores
Quarterback Wonderlic Score College
Josh Allen 37 Wyoming
Josh Rosen 29 UCLA
Sam Darnold 28 USC
Baker Mayfield 25 Oklahoma
Lamar Jackson 13 Louisville

Many other quarterbacks have taken the Wonderlic in years past and have also scored a 29. Some notable names include Troy Aikman, Brady Quinn, John Elway, Andy Dalton, Matt Hasselbeck, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Nick Foles. Here’s a complete list:

Other QBs With a Wonderlic Score of 29
Quarterback Wonderlic Score College
Josh Rosen 29 UCLA
Troy Aikman 29 UCLA
Brady Quinn 29 Notre Dame
John Elway 29 Stanford
Andy Dalton 29 TCU
Rex Grossman 29 Florida
Chris Weinke 29 Florida State
Marc Bulger 29 West Virginia
Jeff Driskel 29 Florida
Nick Foles 29 Michigan State
Josh Dobbs 29 Tennessee
Brian Cook 29 Illinois
Matt Hasselbeck 29 Boston College
Bill Musgrave 29 Oregon
Dennis Dixon 29 Oregon
Jimmy Garoppolo 29 Eastern Illinois
Logan Thomas 29 Virginia Tech
Keith Wenning 29 Ball State
Tom Savage 29 Rutgers
Aaron Murray 29 Georgia


About Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen will be joining Aaron Rodgers as another great quarterback in the NFL. His time at Cal saw many great come from behind wins and an offense that was elevated by a great quarterback.

What is the Wonderlic?

The Wonderlic Test is a cognitive abilities test that is traditionally administered to job applicants or students across the country. It is a 50 question test that applicants have a total of just 12 minutes to complete. The vast majority of test takers are unable to complete all 50 questions and the average score of the test is designed to be 20 – similar to how the average score of an IQ test is designed to be 100.

The questions on the Wonderlic are not necessarily difficult – most people are able to correctly answer the majority of questions on the test. The time constraint of just 12 minutes is what makes the test so challenging.

The Wonderlic has been in place in the NFL since the 1970s when Tom Landry, the famous head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, started giving the test to college athletes that he was interested in drafting. The NFL soon caught on and made the Wonderlic test a part of the NFL Scouting Combine.

Because the Wonderlic has been around for such a long time, there is a big database of Wonderlic scores, which allow us to accurately compare the scores of current draft picks to those from decades ago.

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