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The future looked very bright for Ross’ career in Washington, until he tore an ACL in the spring of 2015. But he bounced back nicely in 2016, garnering second-team All-American honors after hauling in an impressive load of 17 touchdowns to go with 1,150 yards receiving. Ross’ number one weapon is his speed, which demands attention from defenses and can really change the dynamic of a game. Even when he’s not getting the ball on a downfield route, Ross can stretch the defense and create opportunities underneath. But Ross is still athletic enough to win battles in slant and fade routes down in the end zone, and his combination of skills have most folks projecting him as a mid-first-rounder.

While John Ross lit it up at the NFL Combine, including running possibly the fastest ever 40 yard dash ever, his Wonderlic test score was not all that impressive. John Ross scored a 16 on the Wonderlic test this year. While a 16 isn’t the worst scenario for Ross, it is below average for wide receivers and it certainly won’t help his resume heading into the NFL draft. Whether or not scouts and GMs will care about his Wonderlic score is the big question to be seen.

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The only question for Ross is his size, which doesn’t wow scouts at 5’11”, to go with below-average wideout strength. Scouts have also noticed his tendency to lose his cool after a drop or missed route, and his emotional IQ could be the make-or-break factor in his success at the next level. Check back in to see his Wonderlic test scores, which will be indicative of his emotional stability heading into the NFL.

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