Jared Goff’s Wonderlic Test Score

While the 2017 of the Los Angeles Rams ended in a playoff loss to the Falcons, 2017 was wildly considered a great year for the Rams – largely due to the success of their 2nd year quarterback Jared Goff. While his rookie year was somewhat mediocre, Goff put up some impressive stats in his second year as the starter of the Rams, and many are expecting an even bigger step forward for the 2018 season. One thing is for certain – Goff is capable of winning when surrounded by talent.

Throughout Jared Goff’s time at Cal he showed that had what it took to be a top quarterback pick in the NFL draft. During the 2015 season, Jared Goff broke the Pac-12’s single season passing touchdown record with 43 passing touchdowns, which was previously held by Oregon’s Marcus Mariota with 42 in 2014. Take a look at his highlight reel while at Cal and see if you can spot a franchise quarterback in the making.

Another solid score to be added to Goff’s stat sheet is his impressive Wonderlic test result from the NFL scouting combine. It was reported that Jared Goff scored a 36 on the Wonderlic. Interested in knowing how well you would do on the Wonderlic? Take one of our practice Wonderlic tests to see if you can score better than Goff on the Wonderlic test.

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During the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl, Jared Goff undoubtedly impressed many scouts with his skills and decision making. In his last game as a college quarterback, Goff put up some pretty impressive stats. During the 55-36 win over Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl Jared Goff put on a clinic, going 25 of 37, 467 passing yards, six passing touchdowns and no interceptions during the game.

I was lucky enough to be able to watch the game live, and I was impressed mostly by Goff’s arm strength and his ability to make powerful NFL style throws down the sideline, forcing the Air Force defense to spread out. He’s a standard pocket passer that is able to throw accurately even under duress, and during the Armed Forces Bowl, Goff used his powerful arm and deep threat ball to shred the Air Force defense.

Listed at 6 ft 4 in and 210 lbs, Jared Goff has the height of a typical NFL quarterback. According to the Combine he got bigger and added some muscle to his bones, which was a bit of a concern for some scouts.

About the Wonderlic

Since the 1970s, the Wonderlic Test has been administered to potential NFL players during the NFL Combine. This 50 question test must be completed in 12 minutes and features many math, problem solving and critical reading questions. Your Wonderlic score is based on how many questions you answered correctly, so 28/50 questions answered correctly would equal and Wonderlic score of 28. The median score on the Wonderlic is meant to be 20.
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Questions are not necessarily tough to answer on the Wonderlic, but the time allotted to answer questions make them challenging. Test takers have to answer each question every 14 seconds and most are unable to finish all 50 questions without guessing on some.

Quarterbacks average about a 24 on the Wonderlic test and all other NFL positions average about a 21. There is a great deal of debate on the effectiveness of administering the Wonderlic at the NFL Scouting Combine and whether or not Wonderlic test scores help predict future success in the NFL – particularly for quarterbacks like Jared Goff.

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