Jameis Winston’s Wonderlic Test Score

This is probably not new news for you. Jameis Winston is going to be the offensive rookie of the year for the 2015-2016 season. If anyone else wins it’s going to be a huge shocker.  Jameis Winston impressed many by putting on performances week after week that you’d only see in a veteran quarterback. While everyone knows that Winston is an excellent mobile quarterback, and that he would put those skills to use in the NFL, few people including myself thought that he would become a great pocket passer in such short time.

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were the focus of the 2015 NFL Combine and draft as there was a great deal of talk about who was going to go ahead of one of the other in the draft. Jameis Winston ended up being the first round pick of the NFL draft after having a Wonderlic score of 27.

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A Wonderlic score of 27 is good, but how good, and why is it good?

A Bit of History

If you’re unfamiliar with the Wonderlic test it has been administered to NFL prospects during the NFL combine since the 1970s. It is a 50 question test that must be finished in 12 minutes and each correct answer is one point. So, if you get 35/50 you have a Wonderlic score of 35. The test resembles an IQ test in that the average score is approximately 20.

While many people debate how effective the Wonderlic test is to determine future outcomes for NFL players, it is a quick and easy test to administer. It is also a universal test that all players must take so scouts can compare apples to apples. This is why all players must take part in tests like the 40 yard dash.

The average Wonderlic score of an NFL player is about 21 and the average Wonderlic score for a NFL quarterback averages about 24. While Jameis Winston’s score of 27 is above average, it isn’t something to boast about.

2015 NFL Draft

Marcus Mariota was drafted right behind Jameis Winston as the second pick in the 2015 NFL draft, had a Wonderlic score of 33. Of the 10 quarterbacks in the 2015 draft Jameis Winston had the 5th best score, so for his draft class he had about the average score.

Many great quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers scored great on the Wonderlic test and went on to have great careers. Conversely, several quarterbacks like Terry Bradshaw, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly had poor Wonderlic test results but also went on to have great NFL careers.
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Because Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston were both regarded as being very skilled quarterbacks it will be very interesting to see who will go on to have a better NFL career. With their rookie seasons in the books it’s still too tough to tell. Both Mariota and Winston had great rookie seasons and both of their futures look bright.

Think you’re smarter than Jameis Winston? The Wonderlic test is a cognitive test of 50 questions and we put together sample questions from what you would expect to see on the test. Remember, don’t use a calculator! Unless you get stuck on a problem, and no one’s watching.
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