Derek Barnett Wonderlic Test Score

Barnett’s resume at Tennessee simply speaks for itself. A three-time first team All-SEC member, he made an instant impact for the Vols when he lead the SEC with 20.5 tackles for loss in 2014, the best in the SEC. And he did it as the first freshman to ever start on the defensive line for Tennessee. Barnett will beat you off the line with just his hands, and once he’s locked in on his target it’s tough to get in his way. His prolific success at Tennessee has drawn comparisons to Reggie White, another former Volunteer great, and although that’s a big comparison to fill, Barnett has tools which make it hard to argue that he won’t be successful at the NFL level.

For all of these reasons, Derek Barnett’s performance at the NFL Combine was much anticipated among defensive players. Along with tests evaluating Barnett’s strength, agility and speed, the Wonderlic test will be given to evaluate Barnett’s ability to learn and quickly make good decisions.

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The knock on Barnett is his tendency to have a slow start to the season, and has been known to overthink things a bit instead of using his natural reaction abilities. NFL Scouts have him going anywhere from mid to late in the first round, but we will keep you posted on his his Wonderlic test scores, which could greatly influence his value in either direction.
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The Wonderlic has been administered at the NFL Combine since the 1970s and has become the standard cognitive abilities test given to future NFL legends. It is a 12 minute 50 question test that evaluates a person’s ability to think critically and follow instructions in a fast and effective way. Scores average at about 20 and players who bomb on the test often run out of time. Try your hand at the Wonderlic and see if you can score better than Derek Barnett and other current and past NFL players.

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