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Dede Westbrook has had his share of off the field trouble while at Oklahoma, just one of the many things that will impact his eventual position in the 2017 NFL draft. Another thing NFL scouts will be keeping a close eye on is the Dede Westbrook Wonderlic test score. The Wonderlic test is admitted to players at the NFL combine (and sometimes in personal workouts) to help assess a player’s ability to make  quick decisions. The 50 question, 12 minute test has historically been unkind to many receivers (with some glaring exceptions such as Calvin Johnson), so a high score on the Wonderlic test can only help Dede Westbrook’s prospects.

As Westbrook wraps up activities at the NFL Scouting Combine, we will pay close attention to Wonderlic related information and his specific test score. Until then, take our Wonderlic sample quiz to see how well you score against current and former NFL stars.

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Westbrook has been more of a late riser on draft boards as he has gained comparisons to 2016 prospect Will Fuller. While not all scouts agree, there’s certainly enough to like with his play this past season to warrant consideration for a first round pick. Go ahead and see for yourself.

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As draft day approaches be sure to stop back as we will be updating the Dede Westbrook Wonderlic score along with the scores of the other top prospects. In the meantime, here’s a list of useful links to learn more about Westbrook.

About the Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic test is a cognitive ability test, similar in structure to an IQ test, and consists of 50 questions that must be completed in a 12 minute window. That’s only 14.4 seconds allocated per question on the test. It forces players to solve answers both correctly and quickly – otherwise test takers will be left with many questions left unfinished with time running out. Average scores for NFL players are at about 20/50 with quarterbacks averaging slightly better at 24/50.
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