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It’s tough to project just where Davis will land in the 2017 Draft, but one things is for certain: he caught scouts’ eyes in 2016, earning the Mid-American Conference Offensive Player of the Year Award, while setting the record for most major college football receiving yards over his career, with 5,285. A great success story, Davis overcame a rough upbringing and academic issues to make his mark at Western Michigan, where he earned first team All-American honors this past season after a 1,500 yard, 19 touchdown season (tied for most in college football). Davis is a true competitor, and has a well-rounded skill set that has him prepared to make an impact on the next level.

What makes Corey Davis even more appealing is his Wonderlic test score of 31, which is quite good. That is well above average and rather surprising given his academic issues at Western Michigan.

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The only drawback to his performance over four years with the Western Michigan Broncos is his lack of competition, which has some wondering how his production will translate. It all depends on who wants to take the chance on Davis, with projections putting him anywhere from 10th to 30th in the first round, but he was certainly on another level than his competition in the MAC. Corey Davis’ impressive Wonderlic test score of 31 may be the difference maker in what spot he gets drafted.

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