Andrew Luck’s Wonderlic Test Score

Andrew Luck has had a pretty rough 2015 NFL season. With arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL and a lacerated kidney injury (that sounds absolutely painful). Things didn’t fare much better in 2016, with few improvements at the offensive line position, a struggling wide reciever core and a lackluster defense. I’m sure Andrew Luck is hoping for a brighter 2017 NFL season.

If Wonderlic scores do in fact predict future performance then Andrew Luck has reason to be optimistic – Andrew Luck’s Wonderlic test score of 37 is well above average for NFL quarterbacks.

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Not only is it above average for NFL quarterbacks, it’s well above average for just about any profession. Electrical engineers average a 30 on the Wonderlic, Chemists average a 31 and System analysts average a 32, which is the highest average for a profession that I could find.

During the Wonderlic test participants test their knowledge by taking a timed 12 minute test of 50 questions. Like a IQ test the test is designed to have a median – for the Wonderlic it’s a 20. Scores over 40 are quite rare and a perfect score of 50 is nearly impossible.

The Story of Andrew Luck and RGIII

The defining theme of the 2012 NFL draft was whether the Indianapolis Colts with the first pick would take the Stanford star Andrew Luck or the Baylor phenom Robert Griffin III. RGIII had just had an electric college football season and won the Heisman Trophy, but Andrew Luck was no slouch and he was the traditional pocket passer that many analysts compared to Peyton Manning.

Everyone knew that they were going to go #1 and #2 in the draft, but no one was really sure in what order.

Andrew Luck was picked first by the Indianapolis Colts and Robert Griffin III was picked second by the Washington Redskins. Both went on to have excellent rookie seasons contending for 2013 rookie of the year honors (Eddie Lacy ended up winning) but RGII had a series of injuries in his second and third years and is now hoping to find a spot as a quarterback on some NFL team for the 2016 season. While Andrew Luck didn’t have a good 2015 season it certainly was more optimistic than RGIII’s.

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Andrew Luck and RGIII had very different scores on the Wonderlic test. While Andrew Luck scored an impressive 37 Robert Griffin III scored a 24. A Wonderlic score of 24 is not bad at all – it’s actually the average score that NFL quarterbacks get on the Wonderlic.

You do have to wonder however if the big differences in the Wonderlic scores played a part in the way the two players were drafted. If their scores were flipped and Andrew Luck scored a 24 and RGIII scored a 37 would the Colts have drafted RGIII instead of Luck?

Andrew Luck’s Wonderlic Score is Great

You may be thinking 37/50 isn’t so great. That’s only 74% of the questions answered correctly. I thought Andrew Luck was smarter than a C average student!

Questions on the Wonderlic are intentionally tricky and the test is designed to favor those who can think critically but also think quickly. 12 minutes is not a lot of time to answer 50 questions of any time and it is especially more challenging when questions on the Wonderlic are intentionally confusing.

Many questions use unnecessary information in the questions that readers must sift out, or include distracting information that can eat up a few seconds of precious test taking time. In addition no calculators are allowed, which makes the math based questions far more difficult to solve.

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat Andrew Luck’s Wonderlic test score? We provide Wonderlic sample questions so you can a good idea of the types of questions future NFL stars have to answer every year during the NFL combine. See how your Wonderlic score compares!

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