A Digital Company

From the ground up, Wonderlic Test Sample was conceived and created to be a 100% online experience. Dead Tree Technology ain’t our thing.

Forward Thinking

The Wonderlic Test is always changing and so are we. Our Question Engineers are constantly working to provide new challenges for our visitors.

Problem Solvers

Every question placed into service in our tests has been verified by at least three Question Engineers. We solve our own problems!

Customer Support

Although we don’t charge for our tests, that doesn’t mean we don’t listen. Someone is always available to respond to your inquiries.

Our Story

In 2005, two friends had the experience of taking the Wonderlic Test together for a course in graduate school.  The results opened their eyes to an incredible world of Intelligence Learning.  They didn’t know it at the time, but this experience planted the seed that would blossom and grow into Wonderlic Test Sample.

The Fine Print

Our site is primarily for entertainment purposes. Although we strive to provide an accurate testing experience, we make no guarantees that our tests are comparable to the official Wonderlic Test.  Test-takers should not assume that performance on our tests or questions will indicate similar performance on an official Wonderlic Test.

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