About The Wonderlic Test

What is the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Tests have become some of the most common, and most talked about tests administered in recent times. Since the economic downturn of the late 2000s, many companies are being particularly cautious with how they allocate their money as they look to regain solid footing. The hiring department in many instances has been instructed to hire only the creme de la creme of potential employees to maximize productivity. This has led to the increased use of Wonderlic tests as another tool to help find the ideal candidate in various professions. The test is available in 12 different languages and has been extensively used in colleges, entry-level jobs as well as to individuals seeking promotions.

How long is the Wonderlic Test?

The test contains 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes.try the wonderlic sample test button

What are the different versions of the Wonderlic Test?

The tests are put into four main categories. These are the cognitive tests, personality, skill and behavioral tests.

Wonderlic Cognitive test

When the average person refers to the “Wonderlic test” this is likely the specific test they’re referring to. These are designed to measure the individual’s ability to learn and solve problems. Cognitive tests are further divided into cognitive ability pretest and contemporary cognitive ability test. The two types of cognitive ability tests are much more of a comprehensive test.

Wonderlic Personality test

These are designed to measure personal character that is widely accepted for a particular job description. Research has shown that selecting individuals whose character match job description can increase employee productivity, job satisfaction and improve on customer service that is crucial to an organization’s performance.

Wonderlic Behavioral test

The behavioral tests assess an individual’s potential to engage in unethical and counter-reproductive activities within a community. The test is categorized into the Wonderlic risk profile and Wonderlic risk profile plus. Both tests capture three aspects of human behavior that are; neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeability.

Wonderlic Skills test

These are designed to capture an individual’s knowledge in the area of mathematics, science or English language. There are three tests in this set. These are the Wonderlic basic skills test, perpetual ability tests, and office and software skills.