Aaron Rodgers’ Wonderlic Test Score

When Aaron Rodgers was drafted in 2005 absolutely no one expected that he would have the kind of career he’s had to this date. Aaron Rodgers will likely go down as the greatest quarterback in Packers history (sorry Brett Favre) and as one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history. He has consistently led the Packers to NFC North titles year after year and brought the Packers a Super Bowl title in 2011.

So what was it that NFL GMs and scouts overlooked? Was there something about Aaron Rodgers’ on field performances in College that were ignored, something about his immeasurable work ethic? Or, was there something at the NFL Combine that should have stood out bigger that might have changed where Aarron Rodgers was drafted in the 2005 NFL Draft? What scouts should have paid closer attention to was Aaron Rodgers’ Wonderlic test score of 35.

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So how good is a 35? The average Wonderlic score of NFL football players is about a 21, but for quarterbacks it’s a bit higher at a 24. Offensive tackles actually have the highest average Wonderlic score with a 26. Looking at a bell curve, a score of 35 would be higher than 96% of the population. So if you’re reading this, statistically there’s a 96% chance that Aaron Rodgers is smarter than you.

Still there are many active quarterbacks that got even better results on the Wonderlic than Aaron Rodgers. So many that we have to list them.

  • Sam Bradford – 36
  • Andrew Luck – 37
  • Tony Romo – 37
  • Matt Flynn -38
  • Colin Kaepernick – 38
  • Eli Manning – 39
  • Alex Smith – 40
  • Blaine Gabbert – 42
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick – 48 (Harvard grad smarty-pants)

Wait… did you catch that? Alex Smith is on that list. Alex Smith, the number 1 pick in the 2005 draft. The same draft that Aaron Rodgers was in! So maybe scouts did in fact strongly weigh in Wonderlic scores while drafting their players. After all, Aaron Rodgers was the 24th pick in the draft and the 25th pick was Jason Campbell, a quarterback with a much lower Wonderlic score of 23.

In fairness to Alex Smith, he’s gone on to have a solid NFL career – certainly much better than most quarterbacks that get drafted. He had a phenomenal 2013 season with the Kansas City Chiefs where he led them to a 9-0 start and a playoff spot, and as of today in the 2015 season he has thrown the fewest interceptions of all active quarterbacks in the NFL.

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Alex Smith hasn’t had the same hall of fame worthy career that Aaron Rodgers has enjoyed, but then again no one currently in the NFL aside from maybe Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

So Where Does Aaron Rodgers’ Wonderlic Score Rank?

For quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers is well above average with his Wonderlic score. The Wonderlic has been taken by aspiring quarterbacks for a long time, and there have been many great quarterbacks that got bad scores. Some of which include Vinny Testaverde with a 17, Terry Bradshaw with a 16, Dan Marino also with a 16, and Jim Kelly with a 15.

If you’re curious, Brett Favre scored a 22 when he took the Wonderlic. Below the average for NFL quarterbacks, but clearly not bad enough to keep him from having a hall of fame career.

If you’re still curious, there has only be one recorded perfect score of 50 with NFL players, it was Pat McInally, a wide reciever who played with the Cincinnati Bengals from 1976-1985. And yes, like Ryan Fitzpatrick, he went to Harvard. If you think you can get a perfect score you can attempt to by taking the test below – best of luck, you’ll need it. Also if you’re using a calculator it’s technically cheating, but we won’t judge you too much.