2017 Quarterback Wonderlic Test Scores

You asked for them so we posted them. Here is a list of the top Wonderlic test scores of quarterbacks expected to be drafted in the 2017 NFL draft. If any additional quarterback Wonderlic test scores are released we will be posting them here.

2017 QB Wonderlic Scores
Quarterback Wonderlic Score
Brad Kaaya 34
Nathan Peterman 33
Trevor Knight 30
Josh Dobbs 29
Deshone Kizer 28
C.J. Beathard 26
Davis Webb 25
Mitchell Trubisky 25
Patrick Mahomes 24
Chad Kelly 22
Jerod Evans 21
Deshaun Watson 20

What can we learn from the Wonderlic scores of the 2017 quarterback class? Mostly that they were all fairly average, that there are no outliers this year and that their Wonderlic scores probably will not throw a monkey wrench in any mock draft positioning.

Quarterbacks average about a 24 on the Wonderlic test dating back to when it was introduced as a part of the NFL Scouting combine since the 1970s, and there have been a wide range of QB Wonderlic scores from Oscar Davenport’s score of 6 to Ryan Fitzpatrick with a score of 48.

It is assumed that most scouts don’t put a whole lot of weight in Wonderlic test score results, even at the quarterback position, unless the scores are low enough to cause concern. While Deshaun Watson scored the lowest on the Wonderlic test of all quarterbacks, he is only four points away from the average Wonderlic score of a quarterback and his score of 20 is the average score of all NFL players.

While Brad Kaaya scored the best of the bunch with a Wonderlic score of 34, few people consider him as one of the top talents in this year’s QB class. In addition, a score of 34 is not exactly a score to brag about. Carson Wentz and Kevin Hogan both scored higher than a 34 last year, and Jared Goff tied Kaaya’s score of 34.

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To ensure you’re getting the most accurate score possible, do not use a calcualtor when taking the test. None of the quarterbacks were able to use a calculator while taking their tests. Some scratch paper and a pencil are okay when working on the tough math problems.