10-Question Wonderlic Test

This is a sample Wonderlic® Test which provides questions similar to that of the real test.  You will have 2.4 minutes (144 seconds) to answer 10 questions.  You score 1 point for each correct answer.  Your time will start as soon as the next page loads.  Good luck!

Why a 10-Question Test?

This sample test is designed to provide test takers a similar experience to the Wonderlic Test. The actual test is 50 questions to be completed in 12 minutes. This 10 question test is scaled down so that the same amount of time is available per question as there is on the actual test.

What is the Wonderlic? It is a cognitive ability test devised to help gauge the test taker’s cognitive abilities. Most famous for its use by the NFL, the Wonderlic is often used by employers and universities to find the most qualified candidates based on their ability to learn, adapt and solve problems. The most known test is the Cognitive Ability test, which this test is designed to mimic. However, Wonderlic has now developed a number of other tests designed to gauge other elements such as motivation and personality traits.

Follow the link to learn more about the history of the Wonderlic.

10-Question Wonderlic Test
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