DeShone Kizer Wonderlic Score

DeShone KizerOf all the quarterbacks entering the 2017 NFL draft DeShone Kizer may be the one to make a biggest splash entering the NFL.

Of all the tests DeShone Kizer went through at the NFL Combine, one test evaluated his ability to think both critically and quickly, and Kizer faired pretty well on it. DeShone Kizer’s Wonderlic test score of 28 was above average for quarterbacks and is a score that will unlikely affect his draft position.

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DeShone Kizer has been described as a quarterback who can scramble and turn a broken play into a positive one. At the same time he has great passing abilities and is a pass first quarterback. Many analysts are predicting that DeShone Kizer will go in the first round – possibly to Cleveland.

As we saw last year, this can quickly change on a weekly basis as Paxton Lynch was for a long time seen as the best quarterback in the 2016 class but was later supplanted by Jared Goff. More can change with the results of the NFL Combine, and many believe that DeShone Kizer’s Wonderlic test score, whether good or bad, could have a positive or negative impact on his draft position.

DeShone Kizer will be up against many other great quarterbacks in the NFL draft, and his Wonderlic test score will undoubtedly be compared to all of them.

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Why The Wonderlic?

The Wonderlic test has been used during the NFL Combine since the 1970s. This is largely due to Tom Landry, the legendary Dallas Cowboys coach, using the Wonderlic test as a metric when evaluating draft picks. The Wonderlic test also allows us to compare scores of today’s top prospects to NFL players who have already played out their careers and are in the Hall of Fame.

The Wonderlic is a 12 minute 50 question test that consists of math problems, logic problems and common knowledge questions. Wonderlic test questions are known to have useless information contained within the questions, or are intentionally confusing, which requires test takers to weed out important information or quickly process and digest information.take a sample test blue callout copy

Because the Wonderlic test only lasts 12 minutes, many test takers are unable to complete all answers on the test in the given time limit. Many of the lowest test scores you see from NFL players are not due to their inability to answer questions correctly, but their inability to get to the second half of the test in the allotted time frame.