Deshaun Watson Wonderlic Test Score

DeShaun Watson #4Deshaun Watson is considered one of the best quarterbacks coming out of College Football for the 2017 draft and he was able to show his skill set during the national championship game against Alabama when Clemson was able to avenge their loss from the previous season.

Many of us, particularly NFL scouts looking for a new franchise quarterback, are wondering if Deshaun Watson’s success in college football will translate in the NFL. One of the most anticipated results from the NFL Combine will be Deshaun Watson’s Wonderlic test score.

While the NFL Combine does not begin until February 28th, we will report Deshaun Watson’s Wonderlic test score here, so check back soon! In the meantime, feel free to take one of our Wonderlic sample tests to see how you would score on the Wonderlic test.

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Deshaun Watson cemented his legacy in College football by leading Clemson on a game winning drive in the national championship game against the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide. Deshaun Watson will undoubtedly be one of the most followed players during the circus that is the NFL draft.

What is the Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic is a cognitive ability test that measure’s a test taker’s ability answer questions both effectively and quickly.

The Wonderlic test is a timed test lasting just 12 minutes and costs of 50 questions. That’s a mere 12 seconds per question, which forces test takers to quickly answer questions and answer as many of them correctly. In fact, the test was originally created so that only 2-5% of all test takers actually complete the test.

Questions cover a range of subjects, but questions mostly consist of arithmetic, logic questions and problem solving questions. Many of the questions are intentionally confusing or misleading, which can cause test takers to burn precious seconds while deciding on an answer.take a sample test blue callout copy

Why does the NFL Combine Use the Wonderlic?

There are a few reasons why Deshawn Watson needed to take the Wonderlic test. The first being tradition.

The Wonderlic test has been given to potential NFL players for nearly as long as the NFL has been in existence. The Wonderlic test was created in 1936 by E.F. Wonderlic as a means for employers to quickly analyze employees. The test was made popular in the 1970s by Dallas Cowboys head football coach Tom Landry, who used it as a tool for assessing talent coming out of College football players.

The second big reason the NFL still uses the Wonderlic test is the ability to compare.

Because the NFL has been giving the Wonderlic test to future NFL stars for decades, there is no reason to stop at this point. The Wonderlic prides itself on returning consistent scores throughout the years, meaning a test taker who got a score of 30 would likely get another score of 30 regardless of the amount of time between taking tests.

Other Quarterbacks in the 2017 Class

Every year people want to know who is the smarter quarterback in a particular draft class. Last year the honor went to Carson Wentz with an impressive score of 40 and Paxton Lynch received the worst score of the 12 quarterbacks drafted with a Wodnerlic score of 18.

Deshaun Watson will be up against a number of other quarterbacks in the NFL Combine and his Wonderlic score will be compared against the likes of: