Aaron Rodgers’ Wonderlic Test Score

When Aaron Rodgers was drafted in 2005 absolutely no one expected that he would have the kind of career he’s had to this date. Aaron Rodgers will likely go down as the greatest quarterback in Packers history (sorry Brett Favre) and as one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history. He has consistently led the Packers to NFC North titles year after year and brought the Packers a Super Bowl title in 2011. So what was it that NFL GMs and scouts overlooked? Was there something about Aaron Rodgers' on field performances in College that were ignored, something about his immeasurable work et...

Cam Newton’s Wonderlic Test Score

There’s no doubt that Cam Newton was the most talked about and sought after quarterback during the 2011 NFL draft. After excelling at Auburn and winning the Heisman trophy ahead of Andrew Luck, there was little doubt that Carolina was going to select him as the number 1 pick in the NFL draft – which they did. Still there were a number of questions regarding his future performance and whether or not he would make it in the NFL or be added to the list of great college quarterbacks that couldn’t fit their skill sets in the NFL. One of the frequently referenced statistics from his NFL combine w...

How does the Wonderlic Test Correspond to the IQ Test?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) not only measures intelligence. It is a measure of verbal, numerical and spatial abilities and the ability think quickly and effectively. The WPT is used globally to screen job candidates in a short period of time and is frequently described as a quick IQ test. While many people want to know their Wonderlic score based on their IQ score and vice versa, unfortunately there is no simple way to convert the Wonderlic score to a comparable IQ number as the structure of both tests are very different. WPT History Invented in 1939 by David Wonderlic, the WPT qu...

Wonderlic Test Scoring Explained

The Wonderlic Cognitive Tests have become some of the most feared and common tests administered in recent times. Since the economic downturn of the late 2000s, many companies are being particularly cautious with how they allocate their market as they look to regain solid footing. The hiring department in many instances has been instructed to hire only the creme dela creme of potential employees to maximize productivity. This led to the increased use of Wonderlic tests as another tool to help find the ideal candidate in various professions. The test is available in 12 different languages and ha...

6 Wonderlic Test Tips for First Timers

6 Tips for the Wonderlic Test
The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is gaining popularity in corporate America. As a quick-and-dirty way to assess a person's problem-solving skills, it's hard to beat.  To be successful, you need to approach it with a Wonderlic Test Strategy. If you're taking the test for the first time these Wonderlic test tips will help you improve your score. 1. Buy a Study Guide Yes, I know...it's really kind of slimy of us to start hawking wares right out of the gate but believe me when I say that there is no substitute for a good Wonderlic study guide.  Along with extra test questions, a good study g...

Historical NFL Wonderlic Scores

For as long as the NFL has been administering the Wonderlic Test to players those scores have been leaking to the public. Of course it can be difficult to verify whether or not these numbers were the true scores (and we're not going to claim the authenticity of these), we've done our best to collect the most comprehensive list of these leaked NFL Wonderlic scores from the combine and put them all in one convenient location.  You can sort the columns by clicking on the column headers to sort by name, score or position. The Wonderlic test is similar to an IQ test. Average Wonderlic scores are...

Most Disappointing Wonderlic Scores

Morris Claiborne The lowest score recorded on the Wonderlic might surprise you. Morris Claiborne, the All-American from Louisiana State University, scored a four out of fifty on the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. Many NFL scouts considered Claiborne to be the most talented defender in the 2012 NFL draft. Claiborne was ultimately picked up by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2012 NFL Draft and has since gone on to be one of the league's dominant cornerbacks. Morris Claiborne's score of four out of fifty on the Wonderlic proved significantly lower than the NFL average for cornerbacks on the W...

Take A Practice Wonderlic Test Or Just Learn More About It

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First and foremost, this site is not associated in any way with Wonderlic test and our sample quizzes are merely designed to offer a similar experience and test scenario. The scores you receive on our practice tests may not accurately reflect the score you'll get on the real test. That said, we do feel this is good practice for the Wonderlic Test whether you're taking it for job preparation, school, or just to compare your Wonderlic score to famous athletes. We know a lot of people are curious about the Wonderlic, so here are some answers to frequently asked questions we receive in our inbo...

History of the Wonderlic Test

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The history of the Wonderlic test involves a past that includes aircraft carriers, football players and others; it is also the most famous test for cognitive ability in the world. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1930–1940 F. Wonderlic revealed the world’s first short-form cognitive ability test called the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT). He became the first Director of Personnel for Household Finance Corporation. Applied Psychology published E.F. Wonderlic’s studies on the scientific analysis of job applicant abilities as a continuing business practice. ...

What is the Wonderlic Test Used For?

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Wonderlic has 30 tests that are used by businesses, schools, the armed services and even the NFL for selection and placement purposes. These tests measure those aptitudes, skills and personality traits and attitudes that have been found to be related to success in jobs and schools. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Wonderlic tests The following are the basic array of tests used by schools and businesses. Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test measures an applicant’s ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions. Wonderlic Skills Tests are...