Carson Wentz Wonderlic Score

carson-wentzCarson Wentz had a pretty good showing at the NFL Scouting Combine and news of his Wonderlic test score has been released. It has been reported that Carson Wentz has scored a 40 on the Wonderlic test. So what does that really mean?

Not a whole lot.

For reference, the Wonderlic test is a 50 question test that is similar to an IQ test. Test takers only have 12 minutes to complete the test and each question answered correctly counts as 1 point. So Carson Wentz got a 40/50.

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The Wonderlic test is similar to an IQ test and it is designed so that the average score is about 20. The questions themselves are not too difficult to answer, but the fact that you have less than 15 seconds to read, analyze and answer each question makes the Wonderlic pretty tough.

The average Wonderlic score for NFL quarterbacks is about a 24 and all other position players average about a 20. Carson Wentz achieved a much higher than average Wonderlic score but there are many other players in the NFL that have better Wonderlic test scores–and many more that scored worse. (Reining super bowl champion Peyton Manning scored a 28 when he took the Wonderlic.)take a sample test blue callout copyWhen considering teams that may be interested in drafting a quarterback this year, here are their team’s current starting quarterbacks paired with their Wonderlic test scores. Note that Wonderlic scores are not released and many NFL players do not have recorded Wonderlic test scores, sometimes because players did not participate in the Scouting Combine.

  • Cleveland Browns – Josh McCown (30)
  • San Francisco 49ers – Blaine Gabbert (42)
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Sam Bradford (36)
  • St. Louis Rams – Case Keenum (NA)
  • Houston Texans – Brian Hoyer (NA)

As you can see Carson Wentz’s score isn’t really saying a whole lot. A score of 40 is well above average, but his Wonderlic test score isn’t really defining his draft stock.

Do you think you could beat his score? We have sample tests so you can get an idea of how you would score on the Wonderlic as well.

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EDIT (2017 JAN 10):  A previous version of this article listed Wentz’s score as 29.  We have since corrected the article to reflect the true score of 40.