6 Wonderlic Test Tips for First Timers

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is gaining popularity in corporate America. As a quick-and-dirty way to assess a person’s problem-solving skills, it’s hard to beat.  To be successful, you need to approach it with a Wonderlic Test Strategy. If you’re taking the test for the first time these Wonderlic test tips will help you improve your score.

1. Buy a Study Guide

Yes, I know…it’s really kind of slimy of us to start hawking wares right out of the gate but believe me when I say that there is no substitute for a good Wonderlic study guide.  Along with extra test questions, a good study guide will provide logical and easy to follow answers and explanations.  Below is an example of one such study guide. Click the button to visit our Amazon store.



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2. Brush Up on Your English

A Wonderlic is a lot like the SATs in that it places a lot of emphasis on reading comprehension and a strong vocabulary. Install a “word of the day” app on your phone and run through some practice word analogies to brush off the cobwebs that shroud your verbal skills.

3. Drill Yourself on Math Basics

Though you don’t need to be a math genius to ace the Wonderlic, you need to know the fundamentals. There won’t be anything more complicated than simple algebra on the test. Work through a few mental math problems every day to keep your brain sharp.

4. Learn to Pace Yourself

The Wonderlic gives you 12 minutes to run through 50 questions. As a result, you’ve got roughly 14 seconds to answer each problem correctly. Read every question carefully and pause for a second before you answer to avoid any easily avoidable mistakes.

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5. Avoid Decision Paralysis

If you get to a question that has you momentarily stumped, don’t dwell on it for too long. Move on to the next one and circle back around once you’ve reached the end of the test. Getting bogged down by one question will throw your timing off and murder your confidence.

6. Leave No Question Unanswered

There’s no penalty if you answer a question wrong on the Wonderlic. That’s why it makes sense to avoid questions that you’re not sure about at first and circle back around to make an educated guess at the end of the test when you have spare time. Throwing a “Hail Mary” is better than not trying at all.
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Developing a Winning Strategy

Some people are born test takers and will have no problem with something like the Wonderlic. Many are not and need to develop a winning mindset before they approach the challenge to come out on top. Confidence and preparation will eventually make you a Wonderlic maverick given enough time.